These are typically  squares or strips. The product has a “wear” surface that is made from marble or limestone dust mixed with a polymer. The appearance can be tile, stone or wood. The seams are sealed with a clear sealer or in the case of tile or stone appearing tiles an acrylic grout can be used. The backing is vinyl and the product is glued to the floor (plywood subfloor or concrete).

  • Moderately priced.  $6 -$9 per square foot
  • Comfortable on back and joints- has a slight flex
  • If the product is installed well large spills can be mopped up with out damage to subfloor (water can’t penetrate at seams if sealed or grouted correctly)
  • Fairly forgiving if a glass or dish is dropped.
  • Wait time to use the floor after installation  is typically the next day.
  • Typically installs in one day.
  • Durable: Will stand up to heavy traffic and large pets.
  • Easy to repair. Cut the sealer or grout and peel up damaged square and replace with new.
  • Easy to clean – damp mop and floor cleaner.
  • Works well on concrete or plywood subfloor.