Luxury Vinyl Tiles

When considering a new, stylish, durable and affordable flooring for your home or office, think luxury vinyl tile. Luxury vinyl tile has come a long way from the vinyl flooring of the 1970’s. Back then, vinyl was fake looking, cheap and tacky — it would never look like stone or granite. Today, however those invincible vinyl tile are available in a variety of colors and textures can be a beautiful, affordable and durable option for any home or office.

Luxury vinyl tile is easy to care for. Unlike hardwood floor, luxury vinyl tile only requires simple mopping and vacuuming. Other floors, like unsealed stone or wood can be a burden to homeowners. The upkeep of luxury vinyl tile could not be simpler.

Luxury vinyl tile is watertight. With the installation of luxury vinyl tile, a tight seal is applied, making this flooring option able to withstand the damaging effects of water or moisture. This feature makes luxury vinyl tile a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Also, there are many other features that need attention when you are remodeling your bathroom. All details are important, from the quality of your vanity, to the bathroom decor you choose for your new bathroom.

Luxury vinyl tile is durable. Even sealed hardwood can get scratches and dents, making the overall look of your floor appear beaten up. The pliable nature of luxury vinyl tile resists abuse so the effects of chair scratches, shoe scuffs or rowdy children are invisible. With regular cleaning, a luxury vinyl tile floor will look just as good years from now as it did the day it was installed.

Luxury vinyl tile is soft. Unlike ceramic or stone, the forgiving surface of luxury vinyl tile is gentler on dropped dishes and clumsy toddlers. Luxury vinyl tile hugs the floor gently, creating a smooth surface. There are no hard edges or slick spots, creating a safe, comfortable floor for every member of your household, old or young.

Luxury vinyl tile is long-lasting. Homeowners may rest assured that with vinyl tile, their flooring choice is a wise one. With regular maintenance, luxury vinyl tile in a home or office will retain its beauty for years to come.

Luxury vinyl tile is installed by professionals. Specialists trained in the nature of this flooring will measure and install your luxury vinyl tile perfectly to meet any floor in your home or office.

But most importantly, luxury vinyl tile is beautiful. The floor of a room has the potential to anchor all of the other interior design choices. With the right color and texture, the easy-to-install luxury vinyl tile floor can unify all of the other beautiful design elements of your home or office. The many designs, textures and colors available can make any floor look like hardwood, ceramic, stone or marble. Homeowners and office designers need not worry about having this affordable flooring option meet their design ideals.

Luxury vinyl tile isn’t disappointing. This thick, stylish, contemporary, durable flooring option is the perfect choice for homes and offices everywhere. It’s durability, beauty and strength make it one of the most invincible flooring options on the market today.