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Benefits of Laminate

Appealing hardwood visuals and marvelous slate and stone looks are the hallmark of today’s laminate. It simply looks like the real thing. And laminate flooring is great for busy families: it installs easily, wears incredibly well, and comes in breathtaking colors and styles. High-end and fashionable, laminate’s a hot choice.


Care & Maintenance

Laminate’s construction makes it inherently durable, but you’ll want to remember a few basics of routine care, protection, and repair. Depend on us to let you know all about these methods for keeping your laminate floor at its most attractive.


We help you every step of the way after you’ve selected your new floor: professional on-site measurement, removal of old flooring, and skilled installation. We do it all expertly, so your floor will look amazing and give lasting satisfaction.


Laminate Flooring Delivers the Look of Wood for Less

If you are on a budget or want to avoid the hassle of a complicated installation but still want the look of hardwood floors, tile or stone, laminate flooring may be the solution for you. It is durable, easy to install and recreates the look of natural wood, stone, tile and more. Laminate flooring comes in a wide range of styles to suit any décor, ensuring a perfect fit for any room in your home. Laminate floors are made from sturdy, lasting materials and offer easy care and maintenance, making them a perfect addition to high-traffic areas.

With such a large variety of options, it is helpful to keep these few simple questions in mind:

• What type and style of flooring are you looking for?
• How important is budget in your final decision?
• Will you install the floor yourself or consult a professional?
• Do you need flooring that is easy to clean and care for?


Types, Uses, Construction and Tips

Laminate floors are designed for fast, easy installation. They utilize a simple floating method that is not fastened to the surface below but is instead held in place by molding and room transition pieces installed around the perimeter of the room. Interlocking pieces join together to create a large covering over a thin layer of foam called the under-layment. Laminate floors can be conveniently fixed directly over most existing surfaces, including wood, vinyl, tile and more.


Laminate flooring easily compensates for changes in humidity, moisture and other factors that can cause a floor to expand and contract. This type of flooring can be walked on immediately after installation.



Laminate flooring is sold as planks, tiles or squares, each with an interlocking tongue-and-groove assembly.Many flooring configurations utilize a glue less method that makes installation free of complications for faster and simpler construction.

• Laminate floors require a thin underlayment to help it float above the sub floor.
• Some laminates have an attached underlayment for easy installation and noise reduction.





Core Board Thickness

You will find variety when it comes to the thickness of laminate flooring. Thicker flooring is indicative not only of quality construction but also of durability.


Laminate floors can be used in places traditional hardwoods cannot. They are durable, long lasting, and offer an attractive alternative to wood floors and carpeting. Many laminates look close to real wood, marble and stone but also have realistic textures that mimic the feel as well. Laminates are also made to look like tile but without the worry of cracking, cleaning grout and other complications that come with traditional tiling methods. And just like tile or stone, you can piece them together to create decorative patterns.

• Choose from a variety of wood appearances, including pine, maple, cherry, oak and more
• Many premium laminates are embossed for realistic wood, stone and tile textures
• Laminates are stain- and fade-resistant for lasting use that retains its luster
• Laminate floors can be removed easily to replace a plank or change styles
• Easy cleaning and care make laminate floors an ideal choice for high-traffic areas



Laminate flooring consists of four key layers that help create a tough surface designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. It is very similar to the durable plastic counters found in most modern kitchens and provides the same lasting beauty and reliable performance. This chart highlights the four layers along with their purpose and benefits:




Back Layer Provides additional support and stability • Often includes moisture-
resistant elements
Core Layer Made of high-density fiberboard often infused with resins for added strength • Adds stability
• Resists impact
• Long lasting
Decorative Layer Printed image that can recreate the look of natural wood, stone, tile and more • Wide range of styles and
• Mimics wood, marble, tile
and other decorative
• Affordable choice for
decorating on a budget
Wear Layer Tough, clear surface layer designed to absorb daily impact • Easy to clean
• Stain-resistant
• Difficult to scratch or



Laminate flooring offers a variety of benefits that make it a great choice for your next decorating project. Not only is it available in just about any style you can imagine, it offers affordable solutions and the opportunity to create more elaborate effects even if you’re decorating on a budget. The highly durable and impact-resistant materials will provide smooth, like-new floors for years to come. Follow these simple instructions to get the most out of your laminate flooring:
• Noise-dampening materials can be installed beneath the floor for added comfort
• Homes with kids or pets will benefit from the extra protection of an extended warranty
• Use door mats at exterior doorways to reduce wear on the surface of the floor
• Always use floor protectors or casters on furniture legs to prevent scratching



Wood Veneer

Some laminates recreate the beautiful effects of a hardwood floor by including a layer of wood veneer over the surface of the planks for added elegance and beauty.


Laminate planks and tiles are held firmly in place by special molding positioned around the edges of the room. Different molding styles create different effects or even help you install laminate in areas such as stairwells or next to carpeting.

Room Transition Pieces

Areas of the room where it meets other rooms or different types of flooring will require you to place a proper room transition piece. Depending on the floor it is installed next to, as well as the height of the floor will determine what type of transition can be used. We carry all types suitable for matching in color and function for these areas.


Laminate flooring manufacturers offer attractive warranties, some as long as 50 years. If you have children, pets or you plan to stay in your home for many years, warranties ensure you get maximum use out of your flooring.